profile guidelines

Rules and regulations for joining “u2nite” We reserve the right to remove any photo, illustration and/or text we perceive to be outside of the following guidelines:

Profile Photos

  • No images of a person under 18 years of age.
  • No copyrighted pictures or illustrations.
  • No nudity – regardless what side of the body you show.
  • No bare skin one inch above the pubic area.
  • No underwear can be visible.
  • Normal public swimwear is allowed. No pubic hair, no outline of genitals and no portion of the butt can be present.
  • Pants and shorts must be worn normally.
  • No photos with sheer, or otherwise see-through or wet material below the waist.
  • No images of hands or fingers placed in pants or pulling underwear outward.
  • No images displaying semen (or any fluid that may look like semen or ejaculation) on any objects in the photo.
  • No images of any kind of sexual acts, either real, simulated or illustrated.
  • No photo that is sexually explicit or overly suggestive.
  • No photos that have been changed or modified to disguise sexual acts including a black box or blurred filters to hide sexual images such as touching of genitals by hand.
  • Nudity (particularly the genitals) covered up by a item, a towel, hat or other means is not allowed.
  • No grabbing/holding or touching genitals or genital area.
  • No erections or outline of genitals through clothing will be allowed.
  • No crotch area only photos. Not fro the back, side or front.
  • No photos or illustrations that show suggestive or overly sexual poses.
  • No photos that contain any type of sex toys or objects that can be seen as such.
  • No images of illegal drug, insinuating use of drugs or any items connected to the use of drugs
  • No images of firearms or weapons.
  • No photos of any obscene gestures or behavior.
  • No photos of violent acts or actions that can be understood as such to yourself, someone else, or animals.
  • No photos showing blood or any items with blood.
  • No image used to advertise services, goods, events, websites, or apps.
  • No image showing ads from magazines, papers, billboards or alike.
  • No images of any non “u2nite” users, including celebrities.
  • No blasphemy or curse words.

Profile Text

  • No text referring to genital size/description or sexual acts.
  • No sexually explicit or overly suggestive text.
  • No text that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.
  • No advertising of services, goods, events, websites or apps. This includes the basic mention of massages.
  • No mention of illegal drugs or text referring to “party”.
  • No references to a desire to engage in unprotected sex will be allowed.
  • No profanity or curse words, including abbreviations, masking and fill-ins.

Web Link

  • A link to your Facebook or other social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, is allowed. These links cannot contain advertising or pornography. In case they do or adumbratively do they will be removed. No other web link of any kind will be allowed in any of the profile fields.