Type in your nickname – anonymously – your age and body height – that’s all. You are now visible and can start dating. When you have found someone you like just tap the heart. When your partner accepts your request, the automatically suggests a safe location for the two of you to meet. Safe and easy. u2nite has no limit for uploading images to enhance the gay dating fun. It is as easy as it gets. Tell your friends about our boy chat!


For your personal safety, the gay app never exposes more detail than you put in your personal profile. Neither your physical position, nor any personal data stored on the phone will be accessed or transmitted by the app. The meeting points we suggest are real, public places, such as bars and cafes. We recommend to follow these recommendations unless you know the area and want to visit an alternative place. Simply tell the other dude using our gay chat App that you know another place. It is as easy as it gets. Tell your friends!

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Dating Spot

The system automatically suggests a cafe, bar, etc. to meet your favorite gay boy. This is for your safety. The suggested spot and the path to the Dating Spot is automatically displayed on the map.

Distance Blur Filter

Your position is indicated by the Distance Blur filter with 70m inaccuracy on your partner gay’s display. You will never be exactly locate. This ensures your security and anonymity.

Distance Navigation

Through the special Distance Navigation Bar you can always see the distance to other users.


While following the map to a suggested date spot you can simultaneously chat with your new gay friend..

Chat History

As long as you don’t delete the chat you’ll have an arbitrarily long chat history in the gay community.

Search Worldwide

The World Wide Locator Feature enable you to search, chat and date with gays at any location world wide or plan a date prior to your journey. Enjoy our amazing gay community.

Be a local before you go! Meet up with gay travelers around the globe – easy and secure.

The u2nite gay dating App is a unique tool when you are out travelling. On vacation or Business – in a city you don’t know too well a safe and secure place to meet and how to get there is indispensable information. The u2nite dating App provides you with exactly this – vital information! Turn on your App when arriving at your destination, look for the man you would like to meet and suggest a date by tapping the red heart. The feature: “System-Generated Dating Spot”, instantly suggest a safe public place to meet and shows you the route how to get there. Quickly meet up and socialize with like minded people while travelling is as easy as that!

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USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, China, New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Key West, Huston, San Antonio, Dallas, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Johannesburg, Cape Town.

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